Barcode Label Printing Software
Val-ID-Data™ is a touch screen software solution for validating Direct Part Marks (DPM).

Developed in partnership with the largest UK aero engine manufacturer, Val-ID-Data helps your organisation comply with the latest requirements of the following engineering and industry standards.

  • RRES90003, RRES90005, JES131, JES208
  • MIL-STD-130, ISO15434
The collaborative development approach ensures Val-ID-Data has been designed and tested to fully meet current and future industry requirements. Use an Val-ID-Data station at the final stage of the manufacturing process to check Data Matrix direct part marks for

Val-ID-Data connects to barcode label printers for automatically printing 1D and 2D barcode labels of the part data. Label printing is an emerging customer requirement and forms a vital part in the logistics and down stream tracking process. Val-ID-Data provides the user with an error free method to get labelling right first time.

“What’s on the Label... is what’s in the box!”

Dramatically Reduce DPM Customer Returns Reading all parts before despatch with the most popular industrial DPM reader dramatically reduces the number of DPM related customer returns. The Val-ID-Data software also ensures the data content and formatting is correct before quality escapes occur. Val-ID-Data acts as a closed loop process improvement tool featuring world class process reporting that shows trends and pin points areas for improvement. It is ultimately the gate keeper for your DPM processes and ensures any part marking problems are detected before parts reach the customer.
Data Capture and Process Improvement
The Val-ID-Data system acts like a gated solution providing the user with tracking data that more expensive and complex solutions can only dream of. The system will track times, dates, users, customers, unique or batch identification data as well as detailed process performance of just how good the mark was when it left the factory. Customer enquiries can now be dealt with in minutes not days. The software works round the clock to capture and collate process performance data. At the touch of a button, the user can access and see process performance charts that elevate part marking above other traditional manufacturing processes like milling, turning or grinding. The professional approach ensures the user is always one step in front of the customer!
Powerful Reporting Tools
Production engineers can log on to the system to generate and view reports such as.

  • Part Marking Process Performance. Right First Time (RFT) metrics. (Best and Worse performing part numbers)
  • Process performance trend analysis across a range of dates.
  • Search for Part history by Part Number, Serial Number, Batch ID, Date Ranges, Customer, User etc.
  • View individual compliance pdf certificates
  • Automated First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR).
How to Use Val-ID-Data
The user interface for Val-ID-Data is extremely simple thanks to the touch screen design. The software can handle batches of parts or individual items. A typical cycle is described below.

(1) Press the on-screen Select Part button.
(2) Touch the part number from the pop up screen.
(3) Enter or scan the optional Batch ID and Qty on the touch keyboard
(4) Scan the Data Matrix on the Part
(5) The barcode label is printed
(6) Repeat from step 4 until batch is complete.
Once a part is read the details are stored in the database and a PDF compliance certificate is created showing the image of the mark, the data and the reader settings used to achieve the decode. In the event of readability issues for that part in the future, the database or certificate could be used to determine what reader parameters were used such as firmware version, lighting settings and orientation of reader.

Pryor supply individual components or fully configured Val-ID-Data stations, pictured adjacent. This includes robust workstation, PC, Software, Touch screen, Reader, Printer and consumables.

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