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Pryors patented Mark2Verify software combines different part marking and verification technologies to offer an all-in-one solution to the numerous DPM requirements faced by industry today.

Mark2Verify allows you to Direct Part Mark and verify your parts in one fully integrated solution. Simply scan a 1D barcode of the part number or select it from the drop down list. The screen will automatically format itself to request the relevant marking information for that part (such as serial number / batch number etc). The information can be generated by any of the following input methods.

  • Keyboard entry.
  • 1D barcode scan.
  • Internally generated, such as a global serial number counter.
  • Obtained from a database using SQL queries.
  • Scanned from an existing DPM mark using a DataMouse or DataMan reader.
  • Fixed Data such as Cage code or manufacturers ID.
  • Automatically from 3rd Party weighing or gauging equipment.

Then click the Mark or start button to apply the DPM. When the mark is complete, a verification camera automatically inspects the mark to the appropriate quality standard (AS9132, JES131, AIM DPM, ISO15415) and displays a pass / fail status on the traffic light along with the verified Data Matrix code. The software also checks the syntax within the code matches the required part marking requirements (JES208, MIL-STD-130, JES131, ISO15434).

The marked and verification data is stored in a standalone or shared database for future analysis and reporting. In addition a PDF report is generated which may be used as a ‘Compliance Certificate’ in the event of a customer query.
Multiple Marking Technologies.

Mark2Verify’s modular architecture allows it to communicate with 5 different marking technologies, on a part-by-part basis.
Dot Peen

Mark2Verify (Dot Peen Mode) is widely used in many installations throughout the aerospace industry. Mark2Verify benefits from the Pryor VeriSmart™ camera being mounted on the dot peen markers XYZ axes. This allows a fast and repeatable in-cycle verification of all marks. You simply train Mark2Verify to know where the mark is, store it with the Part Number configuration and the system captures, marks, verifies and stores the data in one fast cycle.
Electro-Chemical Etch

Mark2Verify (ECE Mode) controls the Pryor EtchMaster USB digital etching machine by automatically downloading the part etching settings via its USB link. The stencils are generated by a thermal printer and on-screen work instructions can guide users graphically through the S.O.Ps (standard operating procedures). Mark validation is normally carried out using a DataMouse or DataMan reader to check Data Matrix readability and syntax. However a VeriSmart camera may be used to perform a full quality inspection.

Mark2Verify (Laser Marking Mode) takes control of the Pryor range of laser marking systems, allowing parts to be marked with a very high quality mark in a fast and efficient manner. Again it is possible to choose from a variety of verification / data validation options, such as the DataMouse, DataMan, VeriSmart or VeriSmart AIM-DPM.
Printed Labels

Mark2Verify (Label Print Mode) uses Pryors Barcoda™ software for generating the label templates. Mark2Verify passes the data to be printed to the Barcoda software when a label needs printing. Remember Mark2Verify can control multiple technologies from the same PC, so if you want to have a dot peen station with a label printer. Simply by configuring a part number to dot peen or label print will determine whether the system prints a label or marks a part. Label Print mode is particularly useful for bag and tag applications or for complying with supplier part packaging requirements such as SABRe.
Ink Jet Marking

Mark2Verify (Ink Jet Mode) connects directly to an Imaje 9030 ink jet machine to offer a fully integrated DPM solution for ink jet applications. As with all other marking technologies simply select the part number, enter any other marking data and click Mark. All the information for marking is downloaded to the 9030 machine ready for marking. The ink jet system can be used with either the handheld ‘gun’ or for small components the fixed head with movement table.
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