Custom Software
Custom Software Solutions
Our standard software packages are the most functional and flexible in the industry and cater for the vast majority of applications. However, occasionally we do get asked for something very specific. All our software is developed ‘in house’ by our own engineers. This means we can very quickly modify existing packages or create entirely new software applications to suit individual requirements.

Below are some examples of custom solutions we have created :
Custom Laser User Interface
  • Surgical implant laser marking.
  • Barcode scanner driven solution
  • Screen indicates to operator where to load the implants in the 12 jig setup.
  • Software warns if the machine has been loaded incorrectly, using sensors in the fixture.
  • Configuration data is stored within the customer database system and marked information is written back
Custom Dot Peen Label Feed Software
  • Controls an automatic twin feed label marking machine.
  • The data is generated by the customers AS400 system and is retrieved by the software.
  • Each batch of labels is automatically added to the’ unmarked’ queue.
  • The operator moves batches across to the ‘marking’ queue. The queue can be re-sequenced at any time.
  • All marked batches are moved to the ‘marked’ queue for reference.
Automated Engine & Gearbox Dot Peen Marking System
  • Control software for a fully automatic engine marking system.
  • RFID tag interface for marking data acquisition.
  • Conveyor system interface.
  • Capable of marking 4 different engine variants within an area of 2m (X) x 1m (Y) x 0.5m (Z) with 360 degree engine rotation.
  • Interface to factory wide diagnostic monitoring system.
Custom Electro-Chemical Etch Marking User Interface
  • Aerospace application marking on critical titanium parts.
  • Step by step process flow.
  • Featuring on screen images of the process.
  • Records in a database the parts processed with time/date stamp and inspector details.
  • Interfaces with the EtchMaster USB controller to download etch settings automatically depending on the type of mark required.
Custom Laser Software with Integrated Mark Placement Vision System
  • Fully automated Polyester label marking system. For marking date of manufacture and serial number.
  • Labels are on a roll and are automatically fed under the laser head. However label positioning on roll is not consistent so our vision system detects the area for marking and moves the laser mark precisely to centre of the box for each label.
  • Network Database connection.
Automated Bolt Marking Systems
  • Fully automatic system for marking large batches of safety critical bolt fasteners
  • Software controls bowl feeder, rotary turntable and BenchDot 150-150ZAV Dot peen machine.
  • Each machine is capable of marking 500 bolts per hour
Automated Vehicle Body Marker
  • Dot Peen system for marking vehicle bodies before painting.
  • Marks and Verifies a Data Matrix mark to ensure the mark will survive the painting process.
  • Integrates with overhead barcode scanner and site wide diagnostic system.
  • Features Pryors step by step data logging module to assist commissioning and fault finding scenarios.
Data Integration Dot Peen Label Marker Application
  • Automatic label feed system
  • Integrates with Excel to import the daily production schedule.
  • Pick individual labels from the list or mark the entire days schedule in 2 clicks.
  • No manual entry – No errors.
Automated Tag Strip Marker
  • The system automatically feeds aluminium strip from a roll. Through the marking station featuring the BenchDot 300-150ZA and uses a Pryor 10 ton hydro- pneumatic press to cut the tags to length. Depositing each batch in to a tray on the output conveyor.
  • All label batches are automatically added to the pending jobs queue via a shared folder on a network drive.
  • Machine can be paused and the pending queue can be rescheduled for urgent jobs.
If you have a custom application for new or existing marking equipment, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . One of our software application engineers can discuss the various options available with you.
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